Whitebait 10' Pole Frame & Net (English Net)

Whitebait 10' Pole Frame & Net (English Net)

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Whitebait 10' Pole Frame & Net (English Net)

Product Code - PN10FM1/PN10BG


Pole net frames are made from 6063 alloy. They are reinforced where they are bent at the handle end.

The hoop size is measured by the circumference of the hoop.

Hoops are riveted into the sleeve that the handle fits into.

The frames come with a 29mm OD, 2 piece handle set (each 1.65m long).

Pole nets can be purchased with just one half of the handle if length isn’t required.


Sized 3.05m


Pole Net Bags are made of either English ulstron which is a polypropylene bobbinette or kiwi netting which is a knitted polypropylene. The bags are available with tie on tags, a slide on the frame version or velcro tags.


Standard bags are approx 2.5m long except the 2.44m which is 2.3m long.

Bags with no traps are approx 2 metres long, except for the 4.5m bag which is approx 2.5m long.

Our delux bags are approx 800mm longer than the standard pole net bag, 3.3mtrs long.

The bag size is determined by the circumference of your frame.

Sized 3.05m x 2.5m long

Made with English Ulstron Netting Tie On 


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