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Fish & Game NZ licences, details on current regulations, anglers access maps, and advise are available instore.

General Fishing Licence Info

There are ten different types of licence on offer. Please read the short summaries and the chart below to pick the licence that best suits your personal circumstances, lifestyle, age and stage. Then follow the simple directions on how to buy your licence.

2020 Fishing Licence2Everyone, of any age, must carry a valid New Zealand Sports Fishing Licence with them (or be named on a family licence with the primary licence holder present) when fishing for sports fish in New Zealand.

All Fish & Game fishing licences (apart from Local Area) can be used anywhere in New Zealand except the Taupo area, which is administered by the Department of Conservation (DOC). For more information on the regulations for Taupo, visit DOC’s website:

Please note that if you buy a Local Area Licence you can only fish in the one region you have nominated – so you must be aware of that region’s boundaries.

Please note, fishing licences are non-refundable.

Remember that overseas visitors, must buy a full season or day Non-Resident Licence

Your licence is a permit to fish for sports fish in accordance with the regulations governing the Fish and Game New Zealand region in which you are fishing. It does not grant any right of access to land. If you want to walk over private land, please first get the permission of the land occupier.

  • You must have your licence with you whenever you are fishing or carrying assembled fishing gear.
  • You can use a PDF licence emailed to you either printed or on your phone screen but you must carry photo ID as well.
  • You must produce your licence when requested to by a Fish & Game ranger.
  • Report lost or stolen licences to your local Fish & Game office and they can issue you with a replacement.
  • Back Country Endorsement and Controlled Fishery Licence: To fish designated back country rivers you must apply for a Back Country Endorsement, to do this you must have already purchased the appropriate Whole Season Licence.