Veltic Lure Green / Gold

Veltic Lure Green / Gold

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Veltic Lure

Product Code - Velt x GBG

Colour - Gold / Black / Green


The Veltic spinner is a classic spinner with more than century of success in catching rainbow trout,

brown trout, salmon and most other predatory fish in New Zealand.

The long shaped blade rotates very rapidly close to shaft, perfect for spinning even with a slow retrieve.

Veltics can be cast long distance - they feature proportionally large and heavy bullet shaped bodies

with grooves covered with red enamel, which helps provoke the fish to strike. Veltics are very easy to use,

but generally work best on lighter spinning tackle with a simple cast and retrieve method.

The spinner gives greater freedom when using different spin fishing techniques in rivers with

continuous changes of scenario like large lakes, stretches of shallow water, backwaters and other

stretches with significant current or the sea.

The instantly replaceable treble hook can be made stiff by sliding the red tube up over the joint.