Flambeau Tacklebox WP4005

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Flambeau Tacklebox

Product code WP4005


The Ultimate Tuff Tainer® is as it's name states... ULTIMATE. Not only is this versatile box WATERPROOF but it's also RUSTPROOF with the addition of Flambeau's Zerust® The WP4005 has 5 fixed compartments and adjustable dividers. Sporting a watertight O-Ring seal, secure locking latches, rigid design these boxes are ideal for storing water sensitive gear.

Every Flambeau Ultimate Tuff Tainer Tackle Box comes with molded-in Zerust, the proven best way to protect your tackle against rust and corrosion. Zerust patented polymer emits a harmless vapor, forming a protective layer around metal surfaces. With the Zerust VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) molded directly into the plastic, there is no need for messy VCI cardboard chips that lose their potency when they get wet.


  • Zerust VCI molded directly into the plastic
  • Forms a protective layer around metal surfaces
  • Maintains effectiveness for five years or more
  • 'No spill' latches
  • Molded hang tabs for peggable merchandising
  • Medium: 270mm x 180mm x 47mm