Thorlo Unisex Socks Walking  Crew Black

Thorlo Unisex Socks Walking Crew Black

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Thorlo Unisex Walking Socks Crew 

Product Code - THWX11BLK

Colour - Black


Do you want to enjoy your walk without having to worry about discomfort?


The walking gait and kinetics are entirely different from running with both feet on the ground. The first movement in lifting your foot off the ground is the raising of your big toe then your foot. Walking shoes typically are laced tighter in the forefoot hence our instep padding. Thorlos Walking socks are therefore of a different and unique design to protect walkers from blisters, foot pain, or discomfort. 


Suitable for individuals who enjoy a walk on the track, around the neighborhood, or participating in any walking activity that causes low to moderate stress on the feet. Our Walking socks include these unique features:


Moisture Wicking - Proprietary THORLON® yarn to help wick moisture away while providing extra insulation, softness, resilience, and durability.

Cushioned Instep – Buffers lace pressure and Spandex in the arch for stability and better fit, provide more support and reduced pressure on the foot.

Low Profile Toe Seam - Reduces friction and irritation to help prevent rubbing and provide comfort.

Reduced Shearing Forces - Larger terry loops (that don't collapse with sweat) prevent blisters by stopping the friction transferring from your shoe to your feet.

Unique Padding - Padding on the ball and heel provides comfort while walking.

Terry Loop Construction - The terry loop design provides extra cushioning and reduces friction, protecting the feet from blisters and pain whilst maintaining resilience.

Enhance fit - The thick cushioning enhances the fit of the shoe by filling gaps where needed.

Founded in 1982, only Thorlos have peer-reviewed, clinically tested medical research proving the dense padding at the ball and heel helps to protect the fat pads of your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure.


They are ultimate in comfortable foot protection.