Thorlos Unisex Sock Edge Running

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Thorlos Sock Edge Running

Product Code - THVRMUWHB

Colour - White / Black

Style - Low Cut ( Micro Mini )


Running is a high-impact activity that can lead to pain and degradation of the fat pads on the heel and ball of your foot without proper protection.

Tholos Edge is the most durable, comfortable running sock on the planet and clinically proven to protect your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure.

Suitable for any runs from 5km through to full marathons on all terrains and in most weather conditions. They include these unique features: 

  • Impact Protection - Cushion Suspension System™ technology provides padding in the forefoot and heel to protect your foot from impact and shearing forces where you need it the most, plus dynamic linkage in the midfoot for precision fit and performance.
  • Moisture Wicking - Unique NanoGLIDE® fibres incorporated in the THOR•LON® yarn are moisture-resistant to maintain cushioning, yet breathable so your skin stays cool and socks dry fast. Importantly the addition of NanoGLIDE® further reduces any possible friction and thus significantly lowers the prospects of blistering.
  • No-Rub Toe Seam - Reduces friction and irritation with additional cushioning to help prevent runner’s toe.
  • Outstanding Quality - High-quality (fibres) yarns are incorporated in the pads that are designed to complement the natural contours of the foot to create a better fit and a more comfortable run and ultimately better performance.
  • Long-Lasting - The extended life padding, terry loop design, and hard-wearing patented yarns provide exceptional durability by reducing friction to help keep your socks performing longer without wearing thin or getting holes.
  • Strategic Support - Graduated compression helps reduce fatigue in your legs by supporting your arch and ankle while preventing the sock from bunching or sliding down.