Thorlo Mens Lite Running Ankle Socks  Wht/Blk

Thorlo Mens Lite Running Ankle Socks Wht/Blk

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Thorlo Running Socks Ankle Lite Running

Product Code - THLRMXM12

Colour - White / Black


Running is a high-impact activity that can lead to blisters, pain, and degradation of the fat pads on the ball and heel of your feet if not properly protected.


Thorlos Lite Running is specifically engineered for better comfort while running and is clinically proven to protect your feet from blisters, foot pain, moisture, and pressure.


This design is suitable for runners who have minor or no foot conditions, who are enjoying a short run in warmer weather conditions. They include these unique features:


Moisture Wicking - Proprietary THORWICK®COOL yarn throughout the sock maintains cushioning while cooling your foot to reduce blisters and sweaty feet.

Reduced Shearing Forces – The differentiated pad at the ball (that doesn't collapse with sweat) helps prevent blisters by dissipating the friction away from your feet.

Impact Protection – Slightly heavier padding in the heel protects your foot from impact, reducing pressure leading to aches and pain while improving blood circulation.

No-Rub Toe Seam – Reduces friction and irritation with additional cushioning to help prevent irritation and runner's toe.

Arch Support - Cushioned arch design for a better fit that hugs your foot, providing more support and more comfort.

Lightweight - High-quality yarns that are designed to increase protection with less weight.