Thorlo Experia Socks Low Cut Electric Pink

Thorlo Experia Socks Low Cut Electric Pink

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Thorlo Experia Unisex Low Cut

Product Code - TEXCCUEPK

Colour - Electric Pink


Want a lightweight sock that still offers foot protection in all the right places?

Thorlos Experia is anatomically designed for an aerodynamic fit to provide protection without weight.


Suitable for high-performance runners, cyclists, hikers, fitness walkers, and gym goers who prefer a minimal amount of foot protection and don't suffer from foot pain. They include these unique features:


Impact Protection –Thorlos Experia provides only essential padding in the ball and heel to protect your foot from impact and shearing forces where needed, while significantly reducing the weight of the sock.

Moisture Wicking -Proprietary THORWICK®COOL yarn throughout the sock maintain cushioning while cooling your foot to reduce blisters and sweaty feet.

Achilles Heel Protection - Lightweight pad protects against rubbing and chafing while functioning as a heel lock to prevent slipping.

No-Rub Toe Seam –Reduces friction and irritation with cushioning to help prevent runner’s toe.

Outstanding Quality –High-quality yarn that is incorporated in the pads that are designed to complement the natural contours of the foot to create a better fit and a more comfortable run.

Ultra-Lightweight - The Nylon covered LYCRA sock frame provides a contoured, aerodynamic glove-like fit with mesh polyester for maximum breathability.

THOR•LO utilises lightweight versions of its renowned unique padding design elements to produce arguably the best lightweight performance socks available to the discerning consumer.


They are the ultimate in providing PROTECTION without weight for comfortable foot protection.