Shot Dartboard Warrior Outlaw

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Shot Dartboard Warrior Outlaw

Product Code - SB3021


The way of the Warrior

The self-healing Warrior Outlaw Bristle Dartboard for steel tip darts is fighting fit to meet professional dartboard specifications, with staple-free technology for fewer dart bounce-outs.


With a uniquely Shot Darts Warrior design in vibrant, colorfast inks, this board will look outstanding in your cabinet or dart lane set up. Hang it in the garage, the games room, or wherever you plan to engage with the competition, and maximize your strategic advantage. Doubles and trebles stand out, while the segments' graduated design leads the eye to the bull – making it easier to take down your target.


This full-size, 18" x 1 1/2" dartboard complies with World Dart Federation specifications to ensure quality and a great experience, game after game.

Warrior's removable number ring means easy board rotation – turn it regularly for even wear and longer life. The enclosed quality puck wall bracket makes for easy installation and board rotation – no need to remove the wall-mounted dartboard. Spice up the games room and enjoy more time playing and less time re-adjusting your dartboard. 



Unique Shot Warrior Design


Made from Quality Sisal


Superfine, staple-free razor-bladed wires mean consistently higher scores. 


Removable Number Ring


Non-Fade Colours


Easy to Install


Full size 18" x 1 1/2"