Shimano Lure Bettyu Hiramasa Orange

Shimano Lure Bettyu Hiramasa Orange

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Shimano Lure Bettyu Hiramasa

Product Code - XUB16UE 005

Colour - Orange


The Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Floating Stickbait is designed specifically for targetting Kingfish on topwater. This lure incorporates Shimano's new 'Flash Boost' technology that suspends foil on small springs inside the lure's body. This allows the lure to constantly emit an attractive flash — even on the pause — and is designed to mimic the movements of an injured baitfish. A 'Scale Boost' finish is also integrated, providing a life-like holographic pattern that emulates the brilliance of the scales on the side of the bait fish.


Compared with the original model Ocea Pencil, the Bettyu Hiramasa features a mid-tune with revised centre of gravity. The lure will sit in the water with an upright posture during the pause reducing the chance of entanglement and diving mistakes. While the improved stability ensures creating an attractive sliding action where the lure finishes resting side-on between jerks is possible for anglers of all skill levels.


Flash Boost Technology

A mirrored insert is housed within the lure's body structure that provides an internal reflection and vibrates attractively whenever the lure is moved or receives an impact. This is amplified by a spring mechanism that ensures the vibration is maintained even when the lure is paused, continuing to invite fish between movement.


Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Floating Stickbait Features:

  • Flash Boost technology
  • Scale Boost finish
  • Durable ABS body
  • Through-wire construction
  • Pre-rigged with Owner ST46TN 2X 2/0 treble hooks and HD split rings
  • Length: 160mm
  • Weight: 61g