Shimano Fishing Lure Senkou Blk Gold

Shimano Fishing Lure Senkou Blk Gold

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Shimano Fishing Lure Senkou Blk/Gold

Product Code - SHMSENKOUBG

Colour - Black / Gold


A seamless blend between the standard shape spoon and innovative Shimano lure technologies.
The Senkou Spoon has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of finesse freshwater anglers in New Zealand. With the same standard spoon shape many fishermen have come to love, the Senkou is both easy-to-use and highly effective. A dense copper construction allows the lure to achieve improved casting distance while affording anglers precise control over placement. While Scaleboost technology – a composite pitch hologram finish, provides complex reflections in the water like the scales of a real-life baitfish. For increased visual presence Senkou Spoon’s have been plated with a UV paint, this acts as a bite trigger increasing the possibility of enticing a bite from wary or lethargic fish. The Senkou Spoon comes pre-rigged with a quality VMC 7554 2X strong hi-carbon treble hook, these inline hooks have been selected to ensure secure hooking and perfect balance.

Available in a range of weights to suit most freshwater fishing applications, the Senkou Spoon is perfect for use in rivers, at river mouths, in canal systems, or lakes, when casting for Trout, Salmon, or Kahawai.