PTP Microband 3 Pack

PTP Microband 3 Pack

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PTP Microband+ 3 Pack

Product Code - PTP CMB 1


Light, Medium and Heavy Latex Resistance Loops.
Including PTP’s most popular resistance levels – Light, Medium and Heavy, this pack of 3 is designed to suit all fitness levels. The MicroBand’s can even be combined to satisfy the strongest individuals. This pack comes with a quick start poster to maximise your results and let you train in the comfort of your own home.
Bag included for convenient transport and storage.

Lime – 02/Light
Weight Equivalent: 5.3kg/11.7lb
Green – 03/Medium
Weight Equivalent: 8.3kg/18.3lb
Orange – 04/Heavy
Weight Equivalent: 9.7kg/21.4lb

Educational Content: 30+ exercises