PGF Ladies Golf Package Futura PKG-L/H

PGF Ladies Golf Package Futura PKG-L/H

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PGF Ladies Golf Package Futura PKG-GLH STL +1"

Product Code - WS-AS0321001-07


Futura PKG-GLH STL +1

HAND - Left hand

SHAFT - Regular Graph/Steel

LENGTH - +1" Over



 The PGF Futura package features a maximum-sized 460cc 6-4 Titanium Driver, high launching Stainless Fairway and Hybrid clubs, and oversize Stainless irons which have been engineered for more consistent long shots and more accuracy with the scoring clubs while the Mallet-style Putter offers outstanding balance and feel.


The Futura package includes a premium cart bag with 14-way top and Putter Pit as well as matching headcovers.

Available in Soft Graphite shafts, Right Hand and Left Hand.


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