Panther Martin Fishing Lure Holo 7g

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Panther Martin Fishing Lure Holo 7g 

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Panther Martin is known as one of the world's best spinning lures. It is the original inline spinner. The unique design of the Convex/Concave blade with the shaft going directly through the blade was first introduced in America by Panther Martin.

Panther Martin is known particularly for catching trout, but it is also proven through the years to be truly effective for salmon, steelhead, bass, pike, pickeral, muskie, crappie, panfish and many other species.


The unique and natural holographic lure colours shimmer and sparkle in the water, especially when struck by sunlight. The spinning, vibrating action of Panther Martin holographic spinners attracts fish in all kinds of fishing conditions. Great for trout, bass, pike, salmon and many others.

Sizes - 7.0gm

Colours :
- Brown trout
- Rainbow trout
- Copper Dotts
- Firetiger
- Silver/Gold
- Tiger Black
- Tiger Green