Okuma Rod Canel Tourn Concept 804L

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Okuma Fishing Rod Canel Tournament Concept

Product Code - OKROTCS804L


Tournament Concept 8’ 4-piece + Tube

Combining both performance and convenience into one impressive package, the Tournament Concept 8’ 4-piece allows you to take a quality freshwater rod anywhere with ease in the safety of its hard travel tube. Despite being a multi-piece rod the action is flawless, retaining all of its sensitivity and power. At 8ft in length it is a great all-round option whether its softbaiting, spinning or rolling eggs, making it an excellent option for any freshwater fishery in New Zealand.

A fishery as unique as the Mackenzie Country canals requires specialised gear to be consistently successful, and the Tournament Concept canal rods have been built with the one target in mind – monster canal trout! The Tournament Concept series of rods are built using Okuma’s patented Unidirectional Fibre Reinforcement technology. These rods, designed for Kiwi anglers by the team at Composite Developments, are manufactured using a patented process with an outer layer of longitudinal fibres around the rod blank to significantly increase strength and power in the tip section. This offers lifting power and strength up to four times conventional graphite rods. The canal rods in the Tournament Concept range are widely regarded as the best value on the market, packing an incredible amount of performance and technology into an affordable package. They are very lightweight and sensitive with plenty of power through the lower section of the rod, ideal for both keeping in touch with your lure and fighting fish. Designed specifically for fishing the Mackenzie Country hydro canals and with multiple options available, the Tournament Concept canal range is an excellent high-performance option at an affordable price.

Toughest graphite rods on the market

Patented Unidirectional Fibre Reinforcement technology

Lightweight, powerful and durable graphite blanks

Available in a range of lengths and weights to suit different techniques

Fast action

Sensitive tip and powerful butt section

Designed by kiwi fishermen specifically for the unique Mackenzie Country Fishery