Obrien Inflatable Le Tube Deluxe

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Obrien Inflatable Le Tube Deluxe



A true classic
Take the classic LeTube, add a full cover to it, and you’ve got the O’Brien LeTube Deluxe. This single-rider, donut-style tube is as fast and fun on the water as the original, but with some added durability. For maximum excitement from a single-rider tube, the LeTube Deluxe is hard to beat.


Max. Capacity - One rider
Tube Style - Donut series
Enhanced Durability - Fully covered in a heavy-duty nylon shell
Handles - 4 soft webbing handles with EVA knuckle guards
Quick Connect Tow Hook - The safest, fastest and easiest way to connect your rope to the tube
Lightning Valve - Inflate/deflate faster than ever before
Size - 142cm diameter