Thorlo Womens Socks Running White

Thorlo Womens Socks Running White

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Thorlo Womens Running Socks 

Product Code - THLRMXW10

Colour - White / Black


Running is a high-impact activity that can lead to pain and degradation of the fat pads on the ball and heel of your foot without proper protection.


Thorlos Classic is our original design that is specifically engineered for running and clinically proven to protect your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure. 


Suitable for enjoying short, but intense runs or going long distances on all terrains and in most weather conditions. They include these unique features:


Impact Protection –Thorlos Classic provides the most padding of our running socks including extra padding in the ball and heel, plus padding across the arch so it protects your entire foot from impact and shearing forces to avoid pain and blisters.

Moisture Wicking -Proprietary THOR•LON® (hydrophobic – water-hating) yarn wicks moisture away from the foot to maintain resilient cushioning while reducing blisters and sweaty feet.

No-Rub Toe Seam – Reduces friction and irritation with additional cushioning to help prevent runner’s toe.

Anatomic Design – Designed with the natural contours of the foot to create a better fit and a more comfortable run.

Long-Lasting - The extended life padding, terry loop design, and hard-wearing patented fibres reduce friction to help keep your socks performing longer without wearing thin or getting holes.

Founded in 1982, only Thorlos have peer-reviewed, clinically tested medical research proving the dense padding at the ball and heel helps to protect the fat pads of your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure.


They are addictive and the ultimate in comfortable foot protection. You can’t do better.