Loose Unit Life Vest LU COMP FX Blk/Pnk

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Loose Unit Womens Life Vest LU COMP FX Neoprene

Product Code - BACO001*

Colour - Green / Pink



Our COMP FX neoprene vest has been designed for the Advanced watersports enthusiast. The COMP FX neoprene vest has been designed with an internal webbing belts for a secure fit, a knitted fabric comfort lining and uses our top quality closed cell foam with soft but super buoyant properties. With upgraded sectional panels to give you ultimate flexibility, the COMP FX is our choice for total comfort when water skiing, wakeboard, tubing, jet skiing and boating



Top of the line sectional neoprene vest
Internal webbing belt
Knitted fabric comfort lining
Top quality closed cell foam
Sizes Womens; 8,10,12,14,16

Product Code    Title    Colour    Size    General Size
BACO1013    COMP FX WOMENS    Black/Purple    Womens 8    Weight: 40-60kg | Chest: 60-80cm
BACO1014    COMP FX WOMENS    Black/Purple    Womens 10    Weight: 40-60kg | Chest: 70-90cm
BACO1015    COMP FX WOMENS    Black/Purple    Womens 12    Weight: 60-70kg | Chest: 85-110cm
BACO1016    COMP FX WOMENS    Black/Purple    Womens 14    Weight: 70+kg | Chest: 105-120cm
BACO1017    COMP FX WOMENS    Black/Purple    Womens 16    Weight: 70+kg | Chest: 115-135cm