HydraPak Flux Bottle 1lt Grey

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HydraPak Flux Bottle 1lt Grey

Product Code - HPGF410M


HydraPak Flux Bottle 1L
Flexible bottles get an upgrade. The Flux is shaped like a hard bottle, compresses like a soft flask, and cuts weight by 50 percent.

Topped with a dust cover and twist-drink nozzle for grab-and-go hydration, plus a bail handle to keep hydration secure in your hand or on your pack. Finish your drink, and this bottle packs down to pocket size. With the Flux, innovation fuels performance.


High flow nozzle
Twist to drink nozzle drinks like that of a traditional wide mouth bottle but with more flow and less splash
Dust cover
Keeps dust off your drink nozzle. Quickly opens and closes the drink nozzle with one hand without any direct contact with dirty hands
Flexible carry handle
For comfortable carrying and easy attachment
Fits in pack pockets
Designed to fit in pack pockets when full and to roll up when empty for space saving storage
Lightweight and compact
50% lighter than a hard bottle and compresses down to pocket size when empty
External capacity gauge
Allows you to track your hydration intake or measure out the contents
Made of
Ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity
Temperature range
Can be frozen – max temp 60° C /1Made of 40° F
Safe and reliable
100% BPA & PVC free


Capacity    1 litre
Weight    102g
Dimensions    230mm x 90mm
Material    Ultra-Durable TPU; HDPE