Kookaburra Stick Phantom 100

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Kookaburra Phantom 100 Hockey Stick

Product Code - 6A3053 & 6A1236


Energise Your Game with the Kookaburra Phantom 100 hockey stick! Featuring a stealth look with silver accents, the Phantom is built for players favouring power output in all areas of their game. Featuring a dual core with 10% carbon content providing the awesome feel and ball control. An MBow For players that prefer a more conventional stick. The MBow places the optimum point of the bow in the mid-section of the shaft, enhancing ball control and 'sweep hitting' techniques, whilst specialising in the full blooded strike.



  • Power Rating: 4/10   
  • Fiber Composition: 10% Carbon, 90% Fibreglass
  • Bow: MBow1.0 
  • Head Shape: Maxi
  • Features: Dual Core