GM Cricket Mens Ambi Pads 303 (23)

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GM Cricket Mens Ambi Pads 303 

Product Code - 50272307

Colour - White


Mens Batting Pads - Ambi fit

Product Model 303


The GM 2023 entry level batting pads are the ideal product for aspiring young cricketers and those new to the game. Great comfort and suitable levels of protection combine to make a great looking pad. All pads are manufactured to match our 2023 product design visuals.

1.90 kg
PVC Facing
Traditional Cotton/Cane Construction
Low Density Foam/Raw Cotton Vertical Bolster
Stitched-In Top Hat x 2
Plastic Fibre/Dual Layer Foam/Low Density Foam Cotton Knee Locator,
2” Strap x 1, 1” Strap x 2
PVC Instep