Gilbert Rugby Ball Barbarian

Gilbert Rugby Ball Barbarian

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Gilbert Barbarian 2.0 Match Ball Size 5

Product Code - 26568-5


The Barbarian has been hand-stitched and is an official size 5 rugby ball. A traditional world rugby green and blue trim design, with signature Gilbert Ellipse branding, the Barbarian match ball – ball of the 1995 Rugby World Cup – is ready for kick-off straight from the box and to grace rugby fields around the world

Level – Senior Club and School

Standard grip

Truflight™™ valve for greater stability and accuracy

3 ply core spun polyester and cotton laminate for greater stability and accuracy

Match grip for excellent handling control in all conditions

Functional rubber surface for excellent feel

Conforms to World Rugby specifications

Hand stitched


Grip: 4

Durability: 3

Performance: 3