Domex Bushmate Sleeping Bag Standard (BUR)

Domex Bushmate Sleeping Bag Standard (BUR)

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Domex Bushmate Sleeping Bag Standard 

Product Code - DOM466R

Colour - Burgundy Red


The classic recreational, do-it-all synthetic sleeping bag that has set the standard in New Zealand for many years. 3 season bag.


Semi-rectangular shape provides more leg room than mummy style bags

Spiro-Loft fibres are treated to make them anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Double layers of Spiro-Loft fibre have offset seams to minimise heat loss

Comfort Temp lining means that the bag feels cosy as soon as you get into it

Twin (side and bottom) zips allow separate body and foot temperature control. When fully unzipped the bag can be used as a duvet

Side zip has auto-locking sliders which prevent the zip opening up if you move during sleep

Compression cram sac features a handhold at the end to make it easier to pull out of a pack

Available in 3 sizes

5-year warranty


Weight 2.0kg

Volume 12.9 litres

Dimensions 210cm (length) x 75cm (width at shoulder)/65cm (width at foot)

Stuff bag 25mm web, dimensions 25cm x 44cm