Lowa Boot Lace Brown/Gray 180cm

Lowa Boot Lace Brown/Gray 180cm

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Lowa Boot Lace Brown/Gray

Product Code - L8305810485180

Length - 180cm

Colour - Brown


Manufactured by SAUTER – German lace masters since 1924, LOWA Italian-made replacement laces are available in a variety of colors and lengths.

Featuring a 3 mm round design that allows them to easily pass through the eyelets of boots or shoes. The polyester blend material provides the right amount of flexibility when pulled.

To make sure you get the correct length of lace for your shoes, we recommend measuring the length of your current laces with a tape measure. If you're unsure, it's always best to order a longer size.

The chart provided converts inches to centimeters (cm) to help you find the right size. 

Remember, when in doubt, always size up.

59 inches = 150cm
63 inches = 160cm
67 inches = 170cm
71 inches = 180cm
83 inches = 210cm