Black Magic Jigs Deepwater Slim Jig 200gm

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Black Magic Jigs Deepwater Slim Jig 200gm

Product Code - DAJIG**200


Key features
A low resistance long narrow jig, built for a fast drop and provide a faster retrieve with less effort
Great for deep water
All incorporate a luminous belly strip, apart from Candy Stick which has luminous stripes, making them more visible in deep water
Jigs are fitted with assist hooks, and secured with Kevlar® thread:

200gm jigs are fitted with an extra strong 8/0 assist hook

Fishing style
Suitable for both spin and overhead setups
Drop to the bottom before retrieving with a fast, erratic mechanical jigging action
These jigs are suited for large Kingfish, Hapuka/Bass, Bluenose, and other deep-dwelling predatory fish