Black Magic Jetsetter Range 150mm 1Hook

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Black Magic Jetsetter Range 150mm

Product Code - LJH**RIGGED

Rigged - Single Hook


Key features
The heads are precision machined from solid brass stock and the ‘jets’ are drilled and polished individually
All heads are hand buffed prior to the 3 stage chrome plating
The head weight ensures Jetsetters® hang in well even in sloppy seas
Rigged ready to troll fitted with 130lb Tough Trace with a 04 double hook (Skippy)


Fishing style
The bubble trail and sonic vibration set up by the jets coupled with the double vinyl skirts in 6 hot colours attract predators from afar – Skippies, Albacore, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Kahawai and Yellowfin


Head Length - 20mm

Lure Length - 150mm

Skirt Length - 130mm

Trace Length - 2.1m

Trace - 130lb

Hook - 1 x 04 Skippy