Black Magic Jetsetter Maxi Range 177mm

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Black Magic Jetsetter Maxi Range 177mm

Product Code - JM***SINRIG


Key features
The size, weight and unique action coupled with a range of enticing skirt colour combinations makes this lure a must in any lure spread
The heavier chrome plated jet heads create an obvious bubble trail and their extra weight allows these lures to be trolled in rougher seas without flipping
Jetsetter® Maxi will sink faster as the boat slows down after a strike placing them in front of bigger predators that tend to sit under the smaller more agile fish in the school
With 200lb Tough Trace standard rigged ready to troll – fitted with a 7/0 single hook (closed)


Fishing style
An excellent lure for Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Skippies, Albacore and larger Tuna species like Yellowfin and Bluefin


Head Length - 27mm

Lure Length - 177mm

Skirt Length - 150mm

Trace Length - 2.1m

Trace - 200lb

Hook - 1 x 7/0 Closed