Baker Hookout Remover 9.5in

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Baker Hookout Remover 9.5in 

Product Code - FAHOOK


Baker Hookout Original Hook Remover

Great for everything from toothy game fish to delicate panfish, the Baker Original Hookout is built to safely remove hooks, artificial lures, and flies. Incredibly easy to operate, simply squeeze the spring-powered trigger, grip the lure with the non-slip jaws, twist, and extract. Engineered with a right-angle design, the Baker Original Hookout provides a clear line-of-sight when removing deeply swallowed hooks. Perfect for catch and release to protect the fish or catch and keep without damaging the fish.

At 24cm long, the Baker Original Hookout is made of steel and zinc-plated to assure rust-resistant performance for years. Trusted by anglers for over 50 years, the Baker Original Hookout provides a safe and dependable means for removing hooks and lures.

- 24cm
- Stainless Steel construction