Airflo Polyleader Clear Intermediate 5ft

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Airflo Polyleader Clear Intermediate 5'

Product Code - AI-T5-I

Length - 5'

Colour - Clear Intermediate

Sink Rate - 1.5" per second


Armed with this diverse selection of Polyleaders, there's literally no angling style or tactic you won't be fully equipped for. The Airflo 5ft Trout Polyleaders come in seven different densities that let you fish any part of the water column, in every type of water.


The 5' Airflo Polyleaders aid turn over of dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Constructed on a 12lb core as standard and come in an essential range of densities to present your flies effectively. Ideal for use with a single fly rig on rivers or stillwaters with tippet lengths of up to 10'. Industry leading welded loops wont let you down. Use with tippet up to 12lb breaking strain.