Obrien Waterskis Vortex 65.5

Obrien Waterskis Vortex 65.5

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Obrien Waterskis Vortex 65.5 

Product Code Vortex 65.6


Easy starts and smooth rides

The Vortex Combos are our “Big-Daddy” wide-body skis. The extra surface area is hugely beneficial to larger skiers and provides a tremendous amount of lift for super easy deep-water starts and big carving turns. The large surface area also allows for skiing at slower, more comfortable boat speeds and requires less horsepower (and fuel) to get skiers up.




Length - 65.5" (166 cm)

X-7 Bindings - Pinch-slide adjustment for effortless entry

Foot Size - Men's US 4.5-13

Wide Forebody Ski - Increased surface area for easier starts and reduced drag

Dual Tunnel Design - Slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride

Nylon Fins - Great hold on the water and easy on the boat interior