Kookaburra Cricket Bat Surge Pro 1000

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Kookaburra Cricket Bat Surge Pro 1000

Product Code - Surge 1000



'Players' Quality Specially Selected, Limited Edition Grade 1+ English Willow.

Full Profile with Minimal Concaving (1-2mm scallop) - creates a wide sweet spot.

Low Sweet Spot (150-180mm from toe) - ideal for front foot play and use on slow and low pitches.

Big & Square Edge Profile.

Very High Spine.

'Dynamic Power' Slightly Rounded Face.

Approx. 13-17mm of bow - helps create a light and balanced pick-up.

Distinctive "Duck Bill" Toe Shaping - enhances the pick-up.

Kookaburra White Vee Grip.

Kookaburra Toe Guard fitted.


Stylishly smooth graphics, with a lighter blue colour for 2018, the Surge not only acts the part but also looks it.  The revised profile maintains the Surge Pro Cricket Bat's relatively low middle, with distinctive shaping to the "duck bill" toe to enhance the pick-up.

The Kookaburra Surge Pro Cricket Bat is the very top bat in the Surge range, made from specially selected, limited edition Grade 1+ English Willow that's good enough for the Pros - hence the name!