Kilwell NZ Toby Lure Copper Zebra

Kilwell NZ Toby Lure Copper Zebra

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Kilwell NZ Toby Lure Copper Zebra

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The world's most effective all-round lure

The Kilwell Toby Lures are known around the world as the most effective all-round lure.

This is because of its shape and its fish-like action when moving through the water.

Try holding it in your left hand by the front swivel, then move the lure from side to side with your other hand. Watch just how fish-like the lure appears.

Each lure is hand painted in Kilwell Sports and can have up to five different coats of paint plus a clear coat of lacquer. The paint is on the convex side only, this is because when the lure is viewed from behind, it appears to change colour each time the lure flips back.

When lake fishing, you need to wind faster to impart a good swimming action to the lure. In streams where there is a bit of current, this will often cause the lure to flutter. It lets you wind slowly, allowing the lure to swim close to the bank where the big brown trout could be hiding.

They are often used for trolling and has often proven the break an angler has needed.


* High grade stamped brass lure blade - made in NZ

* Hand painted in NZ

* Quality components of split rings and swivel

* Eagle Claw USA made treble hook